How much for butter in Sweden?


Price of Butter in Sweden is 21.54 SEK (200 grams). The currency in Sweden is Swedish Krona (SEK), and the current exchange rate is: 1 USD = SEK 9.05 (exchange rate date 2017-01-08). Below you will find list of bread prices in different cities. Butter can be found in Basic products where you can also check the prices of other basic products in Sweden.

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price city dated added by
27.50 SEK Lund 04-01-2017 Hermina
14.00 SEK Goteborg 24-11-2016 Otto
25.00 SEK Sztokholm 15-11-2016 Delfina
17.00 SEK Oxelösund 15-11-2016 Debora
20.90 SEK Jonkoping 02-10-2016 Grzymisława
30.00 SEK Malmo 28-09-2016 Ado
12.00 SEK Lund 15-09-2016 Wierzchosława
29.00 SEK Sztokholm 22-08-2016 Gerald
20.00 SEK Goteborg 27-07-2016 Delfin
20.00 SEK Goteborg 21-07-2016 Sędziwoj

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