Food price comparison in Cape Verde and in Serbia

In the below countries comparison, the prices in Cape Verde and in Serbia were taken into account. Remember, that prices given for each country are denominated in local currencies. Official currency in Cape Verde is Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE), while in Serbia it is Serbian Dinar (RSD). Please note that our database is created by users and you yourself can also add current prices in Cape Verde and in Serbia.

Product Average price in Cape Verde Average price in Serbia
Bread (a loaf) (no data) CVE 42.75 RSD
Roll (piece) (no data) CVE (no data) RSD
Butter (200 grams) 262.50 CVE 266.25 RSD
Cheese (1 kg) 570.00 CVE 919.13 RSD
Egg (10 pieces) (no data) CVE 75.45 RSD
Ham (1 kg) 665.00 CVE 855.00 RSD
Tomatoe (1 kg) 287.50 CVE 57.00 RSD
Cucumber (1 kg) (no data) CVE 42.50 RSD
Ketchup (500 ml) (no data) CVE 100.93 RSD
Milk (1 liter) 76.00 CVE 76.93 RSD
Fruit yoghurt (150 ml) (no data) CVE 81.00 RSD
Potatoes (1 kg) 147.00 CVE 57.50 RSD
Rice (400 grams) 36.75 CVE 80.40 RSD
Pasta (400 grams) 115.00 CVE 54.68 RSD
Minced pork (1 kg) (no data) CVE 531.88 RSD
Ground beef (1 kg) (no data) CVE (no data) RSD
Chicken fillet (1 kg) (no data) CVE 396.73 RSD
Fish (1 kg) 315.00 CVE 345.00 RSD
Rapeseed oil (1 liter) (no data) CVE 124.75 RSD
Mineral water (1 liter) 57.50 CVE 40.10 RSD
Coca-Cola (2 liters) (no data) CVE 122.63 RSD
Orange juice (1 liter) (no data) CVE (no data) RSD
Apple juice (1 liter) (no data) CVE 118.67 RSD
Coffee (250 grams) 230.00 CVE 149.06 RSD
Tea (50 teabags) (no data) CVE 90.55 RSD
Sugar (1 kg) (no data) CVE 82.17 RSD
Beer (0,5 l) 110.00 CVE 74.03 RSD
Whiskey (1 liter) (no data) CVE (no data) RSD
Wine (1 liter) (no data) CVE 312.60 RSD
Cigarettes (a pack) (no data) CVE 173.75 RSD
Potato chips (200 grams) (no data) CVE 90.00 RSD
Chocolate (bar of) (no data) CVE 90.67 RSD

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